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Wecome to my site that I use to highlight professional interests. From time to time I attempt to use open-source libraries to solve what I believe are unique problems within the maritime industry. I am partnered with Joe Gaudiano, Bsc., MBA, an experienced east coast ship operator. You can contact me at tayljordan(at) or LinkedIn.


TC VALIDATE is a platform for estimating the voyage revenue of tank vessels. Using vessel identification systems and proprietary routing software the application will will be able to identify spot vessels that will arrive within laytime cancelling as well as calculate vessel revenue in real-time. The platform will provide clarity with regard to fair market value and allow commercial managers to make clean, evidence-based decisions.


The project has been developed as a minimal viable application by Joe Gaudiano and Jordan Taylor, both experienced and driven maritime professionals. Dr. Jenya Antonova, a senior economist in the healthcare industry, is advising on machine learning modeling components.

Indication Natural Language Toolkit

Back-end application for parsing indications. Textual emails can be broken down into constituent parts for application to a database. The data can then be used for further analysis. MVP project is about 50% complete.


Test APIs

Bin packing API

Attempts to find optimal - and less optimal - bulk liquid packing solutions among different sized tanks. The outcomes will create some draft stows that can be used as a basis for further analysis, particularly when considering temperature, adjacency and technical considerations.

Laytime API

Extraction of computer-readable dates and times from laytime statements. This API will serve as the first stage of a tool that can assist with understanding demurrage exposure using natural language processing.

Risk Assessment API

Using 10-year International Maritime Organization casualty data in conjuction with regression analysis using gradient tree boosting, this API will attempt to assess a vessel's risk of casualty based on location and type of activity the vessel is engaged in.

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